Journal of Management, Economics & Finance (ISSN: 2044-5253), brings you the latest research in the fields of management, marketing, strategy, human resource development, economics, policy and finance. Providing researchers and audiences with the most current happening in and around enterprise and business globally. The findings give insight into challenges and opportunities that firms, industries and economies encounter worldwide. Expert contribution to the journal gives academic insight into the practical information necessary for management professionals. This truly global journal provides perspectives from all across Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia. The range of topics published in the journal include:

  • global strategic planning
  • marketing planning and comparative systems
  • indirect marketing as a new discipline
  • competitive strategy
  • change management
  • economic policy and shift of economic balance
  • consumer behaviour and decision making
  • business customs in global markets
  • strategic alliance
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • financial theory
  • challenges of finance and management development in economic development
  • and many more!

The Journal of Management, Economics & Finance is a valuable resource for CEOs, policymakers, management at all levels, marketing professionals, finance professionals, management professionals, academics and students.

Peer Review Policy:  All articles published in Journal of Management, Economics & Finance undergone double blind peer review based on initial editor screening.


Authors wishing to submit an article are requested to ensure that they submit their draft paper in the form of a word document (.doc or .docx) that is no less than 4000 words, and is written in clear English language. Ensure that the file is not password protected and that editing is possible. The article should have the names and associations of all authors, an abstract of 150 words, and a minimum of 3 keywords. Any tables and images should be properly labeled.


Editor in Chief

Ebad Baig
London Research Syndicate, UK

Editorial Review Board Members

Erin McLaughlin
Cabrini College, USA

Stephen Bowden
Waikato Management School, New Zealand

M A Ahammad
Nottingham Business School, UK

Awais Raoof
University of Lahore, Pakistan

Kimberley Howard
Grant MacEwan University, Canada

Lahore Business School, University of Lahore, Pakistan

Sari Wahyuni
University of Indonesia, Indonesia

Faisal Akbar Awan
Lahore Business School, University of Lahore, Pakistan

Zakria Sabarudin
Multimedia University, Malaysia

John Reid
London Research Syndicate, UK

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